Figure Studies


Around the same time as I started the Hussarette Project I was introduced to the wide spectrum of early/mid 20th Century pinups.

The retro feel is pretty chaste compared to what we get on the internet and media nowadays but often appealing for its amusing, and sometimes erotic implications.

The styles of those magazine and advertisement pin-up artists varied a lot and I was pleased with my first practice copy painting of a Gil Elvgren classic, shown here.

I tried different styles and subjects including the clean lines and stark background of Alberto Vargas but, as with everything, I wanted to do my own thing. Some can be seen on my old website - click here to view - but "Harley Girl" is a good example of a modern take using a real model and authentic props.

I've done others featuring classic cars, office settings and domestic appliances; the scope is endless. If this genre appeals to you please get in touch with me with your ideas, I may already have suitable reference material in my archives.

As a follow up from pin-ups some people suggested I should paint elegant ladies in evening dresses with a romantic or slightly reflective mood, and this has a special appeal as it gives wonderful scope for imaginative ideas and settings.

I soon found that glamorous/exotic/

highly decorative dresses made a great artistic challenge and a superb decorative end result.

Occasionally I added musical instrument ideas to that mix and was also inspired by some female performers by their costumes and lighting, or even the words or titles of their songs.

In the latter case there is a potential overlap with "Portraits" except that here I concentrate more on the whole body and the setting and atmosphere and so don't worry too much about facial likeness. Obviously a lot of the reference material for dresses and performance ideas comes from the internet but I also have an extensive archive of beautiful photos to call on during glamorous photoshoots with my Russian model Yaroslavna

This Theme does not have to feature just females, so don't be shy to get in touch with me if you want to commission a male subject instead!

Additionally, there is often potential for me to need models of a particular body type or complexion or character so please do get in touch if you fancy a few hours paid fun and dressing up and can get to my Cotswold studio. I do have a simple, mutually protective, contract which can be perused by email.